Gas Powered Remote Control Hydroplane Boats

RC Hydroplane

Remote Control (RC) hydroplanes are fast. Really, really fast. Hydroplane rc boats use nitro and gas-powered engines, which can send a hydroplane boat across water so fast you won't believe your eyes. Some rc hydroplanes can top speeds of 65 miles per hour or more!

AquaCraft GP-1 Brushless 3S Mini Hydroplane 2.4GHz AQUB1820 AquaCraft GP-1 Brushless 3S Mini Hydroplane 2.4GHz AQUB1820 US $135.29

When it comes to speed and performance on the water, you don’t need to look any further than Hydroplanes. Hydroplanes skim across the top of the water at tremendous speeds capturing the look and feel of their full scale counterparts, even down to the huge turbine exhaust ports at the back of the hull and gorgeous sponsor decals. Hydroplanes are designed primarily for racing.

Gas Powered Remote Control Hydroplane Boats have a characteristic "pickle fork" design. The front of the boat has two prongs sticking out in the front and is built to ride on air trapped beneath the boat. In other words, rc hydroplane boats are really low-flying airplanes.

A few things to consider

There are 2 Different kinds of engines for RC Hydroplane Boats

Gasoline powered RC boats run off of a gasoline and oil mixture, very similar to what you might use in a gas leaf blower or string trimmer. Nitro powered rc boats run off of a very specific type of fuel available through hobby dealers. Nitro fuel tends to be more costly per gallon, but its also safer than gasoline. Nitro fuel has key oils and lubricants blended into it, eliminating the need to mix your fuel with oil as you would with gasoline-powered boats.

Nitro and Gas RC Hydroplane boats are better then electric boats because fuel-powered boats can run longer than battery-powered boats. Fuel-powered boats are also capable of higher top speeds, requiring a larger area to run in. Fuel powered boats also offer the realistic sound produced by the engine as it rips across the water’s surface, adding to the experience and excitement.

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